U-he Tyrell N-6 #PureEvil Sound bank released!

Tyrell-N6; Named after Tyrell Corp. Nexus-6 (Roy from the original Blade Runner) is a fantastic and free software synthesizer by U-he.

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Download Tyrell-N6:

Amazona.de Tyrell-N6 Download

It sounds so good, I keep it in my production line up and use it in place of other commercial products at times.  It is also a great introduction to synthesizers in general.  And I set out to create a sound bank with it.

My friend John at Pluginguru.com offered to help me out, and remade a number of presets live demonstrating fundamental sound design and some very cool and interesting pointers on how to do it right.  It was awesome!

This is the result after taking it all in:

Two Demo Songs:


This is the final result, with patches from Pluginguru.com.  I hope you like it.

Thank You

Download #PureEvil for Tyrell-N6


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