Bitwig / U-he ‘Doom Machine’

** This post will be a work in progress for a while; links, project files etc... will change with progress...

For the 18 July U-he Nerds Los Angeles meet up, I wanted to show something spicy and interesting.  I revisited an idea from Mick Gordon, composer of the Doom video game score from 2016.  He released an insightful guide to a new creative process using harmonic distortion, gating, filtering and side chain compression.  Explained in the best way possible on DOOM: Behind the Music on YouTube.


I set out to recreate Mick's device using BItwig and U-he devices, modulated by Bitwig devices and optionally Gatekeeper.

This is the diagram of the current device.



The live meeting went great, however we need to record it again, and that is currently being done.

So far I have recorded this preview.


Testing Individual Lanes.

Testing musical ideas

I will update when I know more.


Thank You

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